PULSE was founded as a soloproject from Nemesis beside his Black Metal Band ASTAROTH from Austria in the year 2000.
Fascinated and influenced by the typical synthsounds of the 80s´ and such bands like PAIN, SAMAEL and THE KOVENANT which are trying to mix the style of diffrent genres too, Nemesis´ wish became bigger to create a mix of electronic based music with techno, industriel and metal influences.
In fact of the activities of his band ASTAROTH, in 2012 Nemesis reactivated his project PULSE.
At the end of 2013 he entered the studio with its mastemind Claus Prellinger to produce his first longplayer entitled „Extinction Level Event“.
PULSE prefers a simple songstructure with typical synth and technosounds with industrial and metalelements to perform catching rhythms and melodies.
The concept of PULSE is a deeper look into issues like religion, spirituality and the universe as well as evolution.
In 2015 Nemesis summoned other musicians to form a full band. After a lot of concerts in Austria and also in the Czech Republic, including the „The ElectriCentrope Tour“, Pulse became a bigger grown fanbase. In December 2016 the band started to write new songs.
Beside the concerts for 2017 including the big Schattenwelt Festival in Vienna, Pulse will release their second album at the end of 2017 entitled „Adjusting the Space“.
The new songs will be even the same style like their debutalbum.
New songs will be played and presented at the Schattenwelt Festival.