Terminal State



Terminal State is one of the Slovak legends of the EBM. SInce they started making music, they released three albums. First called  Unline Codes (199) was released by  German label Broken Seal. Then after long period they signed to Electro Aggression Record. In a short period they released second double CD album called Illegal Space Activity. You can find there songs like Andromeda or Ultraviolet Coma. Last album Strange Horizons was put on internet only. As Tomas says “We had this album in a drawer for long time. Late, we decided to share it with our fans and uploaded it on our bandcamp”  MInor and Tomas (two mans behind this project) recently introduced their own side projects  called The Opposer Divine and THXM.

Even they are not releasing albums every year, they can be seeing on stages, They played shows in Czechia and Poland.

They bring 50 minutes show on Schattenwelt festival with songs like My Blood or Outbreak from Illegal Space Activity. Also tye will promise some surprise and play something new. Be surprised