The German/Hungarian duo Ultranoire continue to increase their presence and popularity in the Hungarian and Global dark underground scene’s. Following the release of their second successful mid-tempo album “Intronaut” in January 2017 to rave reviews. The duo consisting of Josef Stapel (songwriter and vocalist) and Szilard Kun (keyboards) upgrade vintage synthpop from it’s darker side combining velvety baritone vocals with cold mid-tempo electronic sounds.


The guys are currently working on a follow up EP to the acclaimed “Intronaut” with a new release they like to describe as a continuation to this album. Building on the theme of dark, mid-tempo, electro-noir sound and sensual vocals that are rapidly becoming their signature sound. With the intention of release prior to and a premier live showcasing of this new material during their set at Schattenwelt 2017. Be sure not to miss what promises to be a great show from the guys.