Kirlian Camera



The band whose 1st nucleus was born 1980, died December 1999, after many weird failures and successful moments (electronic disco side-project Hipnosis got platinum and KC itself got golden record with single „Ocean“ released by Virgin Records and album “The Ice Curtain”, on Nova Tekk). Founder Angelo Bergamini gave life to the 2nd incarnation of Kirlian Camera 1st January 2000, along with young friend Elena Alice Fossi, who joined the band during the last months of its tormented life, when she had to often take the place of former singer(s) on stage. So, talented singer/composer/producer Elena Alice (once huge fan of the group!) become an essential element of this controversial band, going to play a vital role in its creative life. EAF even started giving shape to some important side-projects, such as now dead Siderartica (dark-pop/triphop), Stalingrad (martial/industrial, now turned into Stalingrad Valkyrie), Alice Neve Fox (acoustic live music) and successful all-fem combo SPECTRA*paris (electronica/electropop/glam) which got gold with the debut-album. After many vicissitudes created by reluctance of the duo in denying any link with the extreme right wing, a new day started dawning in 2015 and Kirlian Camera showed their persistence and will, going to silently headline big “social” events such as several “Benefits For Kids”, “Gay Prides” and becoming the 1st electronic band to ever perform West Africa in 2016, going to dispel the dark myth that saw them being a fascist entity for almost 20 years. Many collaborations marked their years: John Fryer (producer of Depeche Mode+Nine Inch Nails+Cocteaut+The Wire+etc. as well as co-founder member of This Mortal Coil/Black Needle Noise), Eskil Simonsson (Covenant), Rudy Ratzinger (:Wumpscut:), John Murphy (Death In June+Shining Vril+Current 93+etc.), Human League, Ulrike Goldmann (Blutengel), etc. Summer 2016, Elena Alice & Angelo signed to SPKR/Dependent Records as SPECTRA*paris and KIRLIAN C. going to work on new material along with Covenant and John Fryer (Elena Alice wrote 2 singles with John for his post-This Mortal Coil above mentioned project Black Needle Noise) so… A new peeps out on the horizon for the uncompromising duo… due to the release of the new album of the SPECTRA*paris project titled “RETROMACHINE BETTY” (electropop at its best according many reviewers!!!)!!! Not to mention the fact taht in September the new releases of the KirlianCamera starship will see the light, at last! “HOLOGRAM MOON” being the new album and “SKY COLLAPSE” is the first single, likely followed by “HOLOGRAMS”. This new chapter shows off 2 songs made with famous Swedish electropop band Covenant, as well as a plethora of brand new “elektronik” music!!!