Lahka Muza



Lahka  Muza is one from the most interesting dark wave band from „East Europe“. She  arrives from Slovakia and she on the music scene non-stop 34 years! Lahka Muza combine powerfull guitar and electronic sound with strong female vocal. Woman singer Gudrun sings lyrics in Slovak language. Lahka Muza will present live show also with two girl perforemers.
The band recorded 8 music albums, DVD and has also side line project – Hieros Gamos, which played in Wien at 2017. Lahka Muza playing on the all important Europe´s festivals like Wave Gotik Treffen, Castle Party, Menuo Juodaragis, Kunikunda Lunaria, Beyond The Veil, Night Side, Hradby Samoty etc. and lot of clubs gigs thru Europe.