Siva Six



Athens (Gr) based Dark Electro / Industrial band Siva Six sign with  Decadance Records (Italy)  and in April of 2005 they released their debut Album “Rise New Flesh”, The album stays 4 months at the top 10 of  IAC , bullet at DUC and 3 weeks at Metropolis (Usa) chart sales, They get great reviews from all around the globe , worldwide airplay and  played various live shows in Greece and Balkans.

In November of 2006, they release their 2nd Album “Black Will”.

They  get epic & rave reviews and establish their position in the Dark Electro scene ,their first major club hit “Her Eyes Black “ invaded  in the lists of  Dj’s and clubs around the world ,”Black Will” album gets in various alternative charts (4 months @ IAC  top10 , 10 weeks at GAC top 10  and 6 weeks at GEWC top 10)

SIVA SIX became the first ever  Greek band so far  that managed to climb at a number 1 position in alternative charts !!! (No1 @ IAC January 2007 )

A heavy tour schedule followed with more than 30 gigs in 8 countries (Greece,Italy,Uk,Norway,Romania.Bulgaria,Cyprous,Japan)

Charismatic on stage & infamous Siva Six  shared the stage with bands like Type O Negative,Front 242,Soman,Grendel,Theatre Of Tradedy,Apoptygma Berzerk, Pansonik ,Die Krupps,Hocico,Sitd  and more.

Decadance records reprints at November of 2008  the cult sold out debut album “Rise New Flesh”, which includes 1 bonus cd “Flesh And Will Resurrected “ featuring remixes from Siva Six  both albums (Rise New Flesh-Black Will )  with bands such as  Dark Soho-Soman-Noisufx-Blood-Aes Dana-Dopestars Inc-Mono No Aware-Xp8-Alien Vampires  and many more

SIVA SIX signs a deal with Japan’s top scene  label  Death Watch Asia, for the territory of Japan/Australia and Asia pacific.

Live shows ,compilations ,remixes ,world wide  interviews & airplay goes on as ,at the right timing they sign with Alfa Matrix records (Belgium) home of Front 242,Anne Clark, Leatherstrip

On June 2011 Siva Six   released their 3rd  album “ The Twin Moons “ Europe/Usa by Alfa Matrix records ,Japan/Asia by DWA records

The cover version of Blade runner  main theme gets them into more and more dance floors around the world, track “Valley Of The Shadows”  became their first ever video clip and their die hard fan base gets bigger.

More live shows (Germany,Spain,Italy,Greece ), airplay and chart entries (Dac) was

on the line.

The cooperation with the famous Greek avant-garde composer Chris Antoniou (Septic Flesh /Chaostar) for the orchestral/classical parts on all of their albums so far is very important to the unique sound of Siva Six

On may 2013 SIVA SIX release  “Superstition Ep “ on Alfa Matrix records , track “Superstition” brings them again to the dance floors and it becomes their top track in Spotify and Last Fm, the band releases its 2nd video clip for the track “ Nemesis “ ,starts a Greek mini tour And does a killer live show at Leipzig (De)  WGT 2014 (Kohlrabizirkus)

At the time they are working on their 4th album scheduled for mid 2015